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Pascale Kramer

Swaying Man


Etats-Unis - Bellevue Literary Press

Date de parution : 05 janvier 2011
ISBN : 9782715231702
Nombre de pages : 144
Format : 140 x 205
Prix : 15 €


Simone and Claude live in the suburbs, near a housing estate. A proud and austere man, Claude is a sports coach. Simone is a dental assistant. They have not had any children, but have been living together for over ten years. Ill with cancer, knowing he is about to die, Claude wants to meet his son, Gaël. A child he had with Jovana, a woman much younger than Simone. Communication doesn't come easily between father and son, especially when Claude's health starts deteriorating rapidly. He is unable be the father he would like to have been, even for one week. To Simone, if Gaël's arrival is a breath of fresh air in a house that revolves around Claude's illness, it is also a source of worry and raises many questions about her couple.
Pascal Kramer has written a novel of incomparable human intensity. Bound together, his characters confront illness and death without pretence.


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