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Kettly Mars

Wild seasons


Allemagne - Litradukt
Pays-Bas - De Geus
Croatie -

Date de parution : 04 février 2010
ISBN : 9782715229464
Prix : 18,80 €


     Nirvah as been living alone with her children ever since her husband, Daniel, was kidnapped by the “Makoutes”.
     As editor-in-chief of the main opposition paper, he has dared to defy Duvalier's totalitarian regime. If Nirvah wants to see her husband again and protect her children, she must pledge her allegiance to the dangerous Raoul Vincent, the regime's key man. Ever since their first encounter, Raoul is obsessed with possessing this beautiful woman. Nirvah is quick to understand that her body will be used as bargain and that has little choice in the matter. Nobody dares stand up to Raoul Vincent ! And their isn't only drawbacks in becoming Raoul's mistress. But the wind turns fast in Haiti. Blinded, Nirvah falls into an even deeper trap...


Kettly Mars was born in 1958 in Haiti where she lives. She tries to find in these thirty years of dictatorship (1957-1986) the source of this people's self-destructive tendencies.


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