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Alma Brami

For your own Good


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Date de parution : 02 février 2012
ISBN : 9782715232457
Nombre de pages : 200
Format : 118x185
Prix : 15 €


Charlotte lives with her mother Lili in a bubble of love and tenderness. Lilli was only 18 when her daughter was born and she was "banished" from her family. To make up for this, she was built an exclusive bond with the little girl who has become her strength and her defence against the world. Lili has a motto : "Create your own happiness and it will never lacking". She does so every instant with boundless energy, to the entire satisfaction of the little girl who loves having a mother just for herself, always attentive to her needs, never denying her anything and who can stay satisfied with this candy pink happiness for ever?

Following on Sans elle, Ils l'ont laissée là and Tant que tu es heureuse, Alma Brami dwelves ever deeper into the complexities of family live, always with the same accuracy and rich palette of emotions ans sentiments.


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