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Sami Tchak

Al Capone le Malien


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Date de parution : 03 février 2011
ISBN : 9782715231788
Nombre de pages : 304
Format : 140 x 205
Prix : 18,80 €


             Arriving in Mali to write an article on an ancestral musical instrument near the Guinean Frontier, René finds himself stuck in a luxury hotel in Bamako. Whereas Namane Kouyaté, a man of wisdom and integrity seemed to represent a vision of traditional Africa, the Frenchman discovers in the capital another side of the continent, in which corruption, prostitution and murder reign. Fascinated despite himself by this world of luxury and debauchery, he plunges into a wild life where sex, money and state secrets seem intricately linked. Who is really Princess Sidonie ? What about this Al Capone, alias Prince Edmond VII, a charismatic man that all women gravitate to ? As the masks start to fall, René must decide how far he is prepared to go in his search for pleasure and truth.

Born in Togo in 1960, Sami Tchak works and lives in Paris. Amongst his books, Place des Fêtes (Coll. Continents noirs, Gallimard), Le paradis des chiots and Filles de Mexico (Mercure de France).


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