Foreign rights

Jean-Pierre Orban



Italie -
Viet Nam -
Royaume-Uni -

Date de parution : 21 août 2014
ISBN : 9782715235342
Nombre de pages : 250
Format : 140x205
Prix : 20 €


*** Prix du Premier Roman 2014***

***  European Book Prize 2015***

London, 1930. Vera lives in poverty with her parents, Ada and Augusto, who are from Trieste and barely speak English, just enough to keep their grocery shop running. In search of identity, young Vera enlists in an Italian structure glorifying Mussolini. But her expectations are turned upside down by the beginning of the war. Her father is arrested and jailed. During a transfer to the Isle of Man, he is shipwrecked. Ada will desperately wait for her husband’s body…

Being an Italian woman on the British soil during World War II, it is like being a foreign body, potentially dangerous. Torn between her native language and the one of her adopted country, Vera has difficulty finding her way. Speaking the language of the adopted country shows her will to fit in; but isn’t it a renunciation of the place she comes from?

Vera is the first novel by Jean-Pierre Orban, who lives between Paris and Brussels.


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