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Kettly Mars

At the Frontiers of Thirst


Allemagne -

Date de parution : 03 janvier 2013
ISBN : 9782715233652
Nombre de pages : 170
Format : 140 x 205


Haiti, January 2011. Following the phenomenal success of his first book Fito Belmar lives off his royalties and leads an apparently comfortable life, partying with his friends and mistresses. He could be the happiest man on earth were it not for his heavy secret. On some nights, he creeps into the refugee camp of Canaan to approach the very young girls driven to prostitution. Canaan is one of these huge refugee camps built in haste in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake, and that has since then become a slum where around 80 000 people survive as best they can. In this squalid labyrinth of plastic sheets, poverty breeds gangs, arms and drug dealing and prostitution. Fito tries to fight this dark side of his, but finds himself returning always towards this den of inequity. When Tatsumi, a Japanese journalist covering the events on the island comes to stay with him, Fito feels threatened. He must play the part of the perfect host. If she discovers his secret, he is lost. Fito isn’t impervious to the Japanese girl’s graceful charm… The beginning of a love story seems possible. Will Tatsumi draw Fito towards a brighter existence?

The duality of good and evil, the ambiguity of sentiments and perverted innocence are at the heart of Kettly Mars’s new novel. Her lucid description of her country highlights the failures of international aide, showing the material and moral consequences of the earthquake: a dangerous promiscuity, children sold into prostitution, a world that has lost its soul and where everything and everyone becomes an object to be bought and sold.

Kettly Mars was born in Port-au-Prince, where she lives now. She is the author of three novels, amongst which Saisons sauvages.


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