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Kettly Mars Leslie Péan

Lilian Russell's Black Prince


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Date de parution : 29 avril 2011
ISBN : 9782715232006
Nombre de pages : 336
Format : 140 x 205
Prix : 19,80 €


      Henri De Delva is in New York overseeing a Naval expedition aiming to overthrow Haiti's corrupt government. There, he falls under the charm of the exquisite Lillian Russel. At the risk of endangering his mission, he will go to any length in order to seduce this 19th century Marilyn Monroe, queen of the vaudeville and the most coveted women of America. Dilapidating the money of his sponsors, he reinvents himself as a black prince : Prince Henri de Delva....To live their passion, the two lovers have to confront not only secret agents of different sides and the forces of darkness behind these in this struggle for Power but also the reactionary and racist codes of American High Society intolerant of this love that transgresses all the taboos of the time.


Kettly Mars was born in 1958 in Port-au-Prince, Haïti, where she still resides. Her novels Fado (2008) and Saisons sauvages (2010) are published by Mercure de France.


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