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Pascale Kramer

L'implacable brutalite du reveil


Allemagne -

Date de parution : 08 janvier 2009
ISBN : 9782715228870
Nombre de pages : 144
Format : 140 x 205
Prix : 15,00 €


     Una, the baby, is just five-weeks old. Her young parents, Alissa and Richard, have moved into a typical California apartment complex with a swimming pool. It is summer. The heat is stifling, the air conditioning is turned on high. The baby must be fed, changed, put to bed. Alissa, still recovering from giving birth, is painfully tired and lonely. This tiny being who is completely dependent on her moves her, yet troubles her deeply and wears her out. Despite Richard’s love and good will, she is slowly going downhill . . . .
Pascale Kramer takes us straight to the heart of her characters anguish as she creates a profound sense of presence, of empathy. With great subtlety, nuance, and efficiency, her novel brings to life the changes caused by the birth of a child in a woman’s life.

Pascale Kramer, born in Geneva in 1961, lives and works in Paris. She has published many novels including Les Vivants and L’Adieu au Nord.


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